Superhero Craft Bundle

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Want to be a superhero for the day? Well, BAM! Look no further than our FANTASTIC superhero craft bundle. In this bundle you will find…

5 x sheets of A4 white card
7 x sheets of A4 coloured card
12 felt tip pens of assorted colours
1 HB Pencil
1 Eraser
Single hole pencil Sharpener
20 x Tissue paper squares (10x10cm)
Pompom selection (15g)
Button selection (30g)
Self-adhesive gems (100)
2 x white paper plates
Prittstick (11g)
Pot of pva glue (30mls)
Glue spreader
10 x Googly eyes of assorted sizes
10 x plain lollysticks
10 x coloured lollysticks of assorted colours
20 x Foam shapes
2 x Superhero colour-in masks
10 x Superhero stickers
2 x Superhero colour-in cuffs
1 x Superhero fabric cape
2 x Superhero colour in gliders

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